Why this title? What’s this about?

This blog was originally designed to be titled “The Lithium Diary’s”.  Then it was going to be “Things I Have In Common With a Super Villain”.  (thank goodness I didn’t go with that….)

The reason I chose not to go in that direction was simple, but profound to me.  To me it’s about defining myself.  That’s what this journey to “better-ness” is going to be about.

I’m not just Bipolar Disorder/Manic Depression
I’m not just a guy on medication
I’m not just Adult ADHD
I’m not just a fan of comic books
I’m not just a person with hydrocephalus
I’m not just a husband
I’m not just a passionate sports fan

No one thing defines me as a person.  I’m all of those things, and a ton more.  We are ALL many many things.  I didn’t want the title of my blog to handcuff me into posting about one thing.  So yes, there will be lots of talk about Bi-polar Disorder, and ADHD, and books I like, and sports and (gasp) comic books!

But that’s not all.  This blog is to be about my journey from very unhealthy (mentally) to very healthy.  It’s a day-to-day process.  My therapist wants me to “own” my good and bad traits, and “own” the disorder that I refuse to allow to define me.

That’s what this is, too – it’s me taking ownership.  Of my mind, of my health, and of my depression.  It’s not going to go away.  Neither will I.


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