A note on the whole Super Villian thing

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I almost named this blog after a super villian. As I mentioned, I’m a “Comic Book Guy”. My wife patiently allows this hobby, and occasionally listend to my rants.

The supervillian in particular I was thinking about was Norman Osbourne, one of Spiderman’s oldest villians, and more recently a villian to the whole Marvel Universe.

What drew me to Norman Osbourne was this: during a more recent storyline, Norman convinced the world he’d reformed, and had been “cured” of his illness (which has caused his villainous ways). This was, in truth, a lie. It was part of an elaborate plan to take over the world, first by weakening the hero community.

Anyhow, the point was this: there are scenes within the Dark Avengers storyline where we as readers see Norman fighting to contain his “demons” (the Green Goblin, in this case). For some of us, even those without any multiple personality issues, life is like that.

I know full well what living a lie does. For me, living lies drove me to try and kill myself in 1996. I was too caught up in stuff. I did not know how to be honest with anyone, most importantly myself.

I’m told that’s common for people in my situation. So, I work daily to be honest, not just with you, but with me.

In a related note, my employer and I are working together to find a non-sales role for me, one that is a better fit. I cannot thank my employer enough for their support and help in this very trying time for me and my household. Thank, guys.

In any event if I’d have you, fair reader, take anything away from this post, it would be this:

Be honest with yourself, about yourself, and BE yourself. Do not try to be the round peg pounded into the square hole.

Just be the damn round peg.


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