Resources I Trust


Everyone:  I meant to provide this info yesterday.  The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (BBRF) has proved themselves to be a wonderful source of information and guidance for people like myself.  They don’t simply focus on bi-polar but they actually work on a wide range of behavioral/mental disorders and conditions.

I’m asking you all to consider them as a source of research and general knowledge.  I know for a fact (because I did it yesterday) that if you call them, and have a question (even about a really obscure statistic), their excellent staff will find the answer.

I want to thank in particular their Outreach Co-Ordinator, Laura.  She took my weird question, did a ton of research and not only found my answer, but found (and shared) a TON of other pertinent data concerning bi-polar disorder and it’s growth in the US (and worldwide, too).  point is, she did an amazing job helping out someone who randomly called.  Kudo’s to her, and the entire organization.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the National Institute for Mental Health.  Their website is great, and has also provided a lot of information for me as I learn to cope, and move forward.  Or, as I Get Better, Be Better.



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