Don’t Worry, I’m Happy


Good morning, folks!  I wanted to post a quick follow up to my last long post about things that upset me.  I shared the post with some friends, and received some good feedback about how I write and stylistic pointers.  These I really appreciated, and will work on incorporating them into what you see here each week.  Some might even be evident already.  If they are reading this, they’ll let me know…..

One thing that came up two or three times is this: “Keith, reading this, you come across as a person who isn’t very happy.  All this depression talk – shouldn’t you incorporate something else into these posts or something?

Aside from the fact that they missed the whole mission statement sort of thing from the very first post, I wanted to touch on happiness.  I’m definitely a happy man.  I recently celebrated my wedding anniversary, I’ve got healthy family, everyone is employed, and my health is getting better.  How could I not be happy?

Oh, and this one: just because I posted about the suicide prevention hotline (and will periodically do so again) doesn’t mean I’m about to hurt myself.  That’s more of a PSA.

There seems to be a common misconception out there that people suffering from some form of depression are not simultaneously happy people.  I just wanted to suggest that I am living proof that you don’t have to be sad to have depression.

Don’t Worry – I’m Happy……


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